Woven In’s 2014 Florida mini tour recap
Sept 6
Rode down to Jacksonville on the Megabus from Atlanta 7am and it’s a 6 hour drive.
Small-talked with my seat-neighbor, Sherry, who by the end of the ride I’d made friends with.
Ate at Burrito Gallery, she treated. I was gracious.
Paola Martin printed me some shirts and hand delivered them while I ate my free meal. I sold none during tour because I kept forgetting to mention them on-stage like a jackass.


Got picked up and reunited with Matt, (my friend, twin, brother, and drummer when I lived in jacksonville) We drove straight down to gainesville to play at Boca Fiesta’ backyard with bands Endless Pools and The Hi Fi Envelope.
It was the first time we played a show in gainesville and had a great time, though not the first time we played gainesville.
Got pulled over for a busted headlight on the way back home ‘cause cops are dicks.

Sept 7
Got back to Jax and slept till 3pm…stayed with Matt Jaffe, who I had the pleasure of jamming and hanging with him, Dylan Tietze and Isabella.

Isabella and I

Ran into Dawn, Ali (who I’d just seen last week in Athens), Ryan and Omar at Carmines.
Was supposed to play a show later that night at Nobby’s, but it got cancelled. I’m never playing there, but that doesn’t matter ‘cause I’m not Jack White and they’re not the Fox Theatre.
Played UNO at Raindogs with the crew that was at Carmine’s earlier that day, but joined by Nick Puzo (Fresh). The game got spicy after skips and draw fours ran rampant and more drinks were ordered. Thankfully, Nick had an ice cream cake for Ryan’s belated birthday ‘cause things were getting heated and then we all did the Birdies-Raindogs stroll.

Ryan and his cake

Got to hang with John Lackey and eat dinner.
Got to hang with Mike Ricci (thx again for the beer)
Got my ass whooped in pool by Joey Simmons.

Sept 8
I don’t remember a ton from the daytime, because I was pumped to open for Diarrhea Planet at Underbelly.
Got a record a deep search (thanks for being open on Mondays now)
Got held hostage at saki house cause Matthew Moyer refused to leave the restaurant in the rain and you can make those kinds of demands when you’re that cool.
Played a sick show with Diarrhea Planet. I was happy to see my friends Andie and Jason there in the crowd :) They are the ones that got me into DP last year. DP really rocked the house, and I’m going to see them here at the masquerade this weekend. I Traded a Woven In shirt for a Commoditie Booking shirt.
Nick rules,

that is all.
Rode around downtown on Shawn Gutz’s vespa and played video games with Jeremiah ‘til the sandman came.


Riding #cupcake on a #vespa 1am, first time and it was pretty damn sweet. I love jax.


This is Mya, a stranger who agreed to model the new woven in shirts that will be available at these Florida shows…limited supply of 13 (at Burrito Gallery)


Sold an amp bought a pool (at East Atlanta Bouldercrest)


Georgia and Florida shows up! that one with my pals, black kids is gonna be wild



An interview of Mariah Johnson (Woven In) by Matthew Moyer of Lost in the Stacks. 5/29/14
Lost in the Stacks airs Thursdays 11p in Jacksonville, Florida 89.9
or on demand, http://news.wjct.org/programs/lost-stacks (click on itunes on the right hand side)




song listing in order:
The Velvet Underground-Sweet Jane
French Kicks-Knee High
The Monochrome Set-Mr. Bizarro
Crystal Stilts-Spirit in Front of Me
Ariel Pink-Menopause Man
Woven In-Marriage (live) stars at 33:10
Woven In-99% Wet (live)
The Durutti Column-Sketch for Summer
New Order-Procession


Last show in Jacksonville before moving to atlanta photo cred. John Lackey
That was a good night.



pop029: Blast And The Detergents “Time Takes A Beating” cs

pop030: Decades/Failures “February 14th” cs

pop031: SOS “Ancient Surfari Shindig @ The Ruins” cs

pop032: Woven In “Woven In” cs

pop033: Suicide Forest “Possessed By The Black Arts” cs


Source: popnihil

New guitar new song unplugged no effects stripped down version of “Gimme”


Rough cellphone recording jamming with Matt Rumbley 5/12/14.

Happy Birthday Dad